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Electric Fence Wire Winder - Wire Tornado

  Powerful 12 Volt Electric Motor
Wire Tornado
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The Wire Tornado electric fence wire winder can be used to quickly wind electric fence wire to save you time and money.


Powered by any 12-volt battery (pickup truck battery or a battery placed on an ATV or trailer). 

Continuous duty electric motor attached to a heavy duty gearbox to provide you extraordinary power and reliability.

  • Weighs 90 lbs and can be quickly and easily mounted to your pickup truck, trailer or ATV in minutes.
  • The electric motor and worm drive gearbox operate efficiently without overloading your battery.
  • Simply attach the positive wire to the positive post of your battery and attach the negative wire to the negative post of your battery (or a common ground on your vehicle), attach the fence wire, and squeeze the pistol grip trigger to start winding the electric fence wire.
  • Winds 1/2 mile of electric fence wire in approximately 10 minutes.
  • Operates effortlessly, safely and quietly.
  • Winds your wire neatly onto compact spools for easy storage and to increase the life of your wire.
  • The spooled wire can be easily unrolled quickly, safely and effortlessly.

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Fast & Easy to Use - Wire Winder

The Wire Tornado electric fence wire winder can be operated by one person and is easy to use.
  • To wind the electric fence wire onto the spool:
  1. Simply tie the end of your wire to the Wire Tornado spool.
  2. Attach a weighted object on the end of the wire to prevent it from jumping, like a short length of chain.
  3. Connect the positive cable to your battery.
  4. Connect the negative cable to your ground (vehicle body frame).
  5. Squeeze the Wire Tornado's pistol grip trigger.
  • When the wire spool is full, simply tie the end of the wire to the spool flange.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose the Wire Tornado

  • Saves you time.
  • You do not need to drive your tractor several miles to the next field - just throw the Wire Tornado wire winder in the back of your pickup truck and get there in a fraction of the time.
  • 12 volt continuous duty electric motor.
  • Electric unit - not a converted over intermittent duty starter motor.
  • No messy gas and oil.
  • No exhaust fumes - clean energy.
  • Always starts.

Large Capacity - Wire Winder

The Wire Tornado wire winder can wind smooth wire or light cable.
  • The Wire Tornado wire winder spools hold 1/2 mile of 14 gauge smooth wire or 1 mile of 17 gauge smooth wire.

Rugged - Wire Winder

  • The Wire Tornado wire winder is constructed of welded 11 gauge steel.
  • The 10" diameter fiber plastic spools are "virtually" indestructible.

Wire Unroller

After your wire has been rolled onto the wire spools, the Wire Tornado electric fence wire winder can then be used as a wire unroller.
  • Place the loaded wire spool onto the Wire Tornado and secure the spool onto the shaft by placing the latch backwards on the shaft so it is not inserted into the spool. Then connect your wire onto a post and slowly drive your pickup truck or ATV to unwind the spool.

Mounting - Wire Winder

The Wire Tornado wire winder can be quickly secured to your pickup truck, trailer or ATV with a set of ratchet straps in minutes.

Versatile - Wire Winder

The Wire Tornado wire winder works as a wire winder, cable roller, rope winder and wire unroller.

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 MSRP $1,799
Internet Only Price $1,499